The Barbecue Sauce Craze

It seems that Americans are crazy about their condiments. From ketchup to ranch dressing and more, everyone wants that dip or dressing to flavor up their favorite dishes. But what about barbecue sauce? You can be sure that barbecue sauces of all flavors will be accompanying menus at this coming weekend’s Labor Day barbecues.

Consider these interesting statistics:

  • 75% of adults in the United States own a grill
  • Most grill owners use their grill one time per month at a minimum, even during the colder months
  • The most popular days of the year to barbecue are Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day Independence Day, and Labor Day.

In the world of barbecue (where our This Little Piggy Catering line truly excels), we offer four unique barbecue sauce styles, which means there is something for everyone.

Original – Perfect for a neutral flavor for your pulled pork, or as a nice compliment to your chicken, this flavor is an excellent choice for anyone as it is a bit lighter in nature and won’t interfere with the flavor in the meat selection.

Sweet – Our most popular flavor, this is our take on the Kansas City barbecue. Minnesotans love to select the sweet sauce for their chicken and pulled pork.

Smoky – Our smoky sauce is our take on the Texas barbecue sauce. Rich in flavor, this sauce is perfect for rich cuts of beef or pork.

Stop, Drop, & Roll – This is our take on “Minnesota spicy,” as it offers a light to medium spice that doesn’t disrupt the palate or take away from the natural flavors of the food.

Whether it’s something that’s tangy with vinegar (like a Carolina Style barbecue sauce), sweet and smooth with ketchup or even spicy mustard-base, there’s a sauce out there for everyone. And if the Stop, Drop, & Roll isn’t spicy enough for you, “we’ll create the heat you are looking for,” said Jason Clubb, our innovation chef. “But we never want to mask the flavor in the foods we have prepared for our guests. We serve the meat without the sauce, and then allow the guests to add the flavor of their choice. This allows them to enjoy the meat on its own, or with as much or as little sauce as they want.”

Barbecue sauce is for more than just plain meat

Though barbecue sauce is an excellent accompaniment to grilling, there are many other ways to use this savory sauce. From barbecue chicken to quesadillas to veggies, barbeque sauce can perk up your meal. Add barbecue sauce to leftover chicken, heat it up, and you will have created a new flavor for your lunch sandwich. Add barbecue sauce to your rotisserie chicken and then wrap it up in a tortilla with some fresh farm to fork vegetables

Are you a pizza lover? Try a fresh smoky corn and black bean pizza. Use fresh vegetables to keep the taste original and crisp. What about pork chops instead of pulled pork? Oven-barbecued pork chops provide a delicious alternative to beef and chicken and taste delectable with a rich barbecue sauce. And if you are not a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options, don’t worry as there are plenty of delightful recipes for you too. Try jackfruit as a replacement to your meat (the texture is perfect) and create barbecue jackfruit sandwiches with avocado slaw. Or, for vegetarians and even those looking for a tasty vegetable option to go with their grilled meats, flavor up your grilled veggie skewers with an original or sweet flavor. Really, you can’t go wrong with grilled veggies and your favorite barbecue sauce.

So, what are your favorite barbecue sauce recipes? Tell us, as we’d really love to know. Feel free to share with us on our Facebook page!

This Little Piggy Catering is ready to bring your favorite barbecue sauce to your special event

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